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Treasurer Goldberg and Citizens Announce Small Business Financial Empowerment Series

Series will focus on how to plan, maintain, and grow a successful small business

In collaboration with Citizens, State Treasurer Deborah B. Goldberg’s Small Business Initiative (SBI) opened its online registration for its Small Business Financial Empowerment Series. These free virtual workshops will equip Massachusetts entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills necessary to create a strategy, implement successful planning, and make wise financial choices, to keep the business stable and growing.

The series will kick off on September 13, 2023, with an event featuring Treasurer Goldberg and leadership from Citizens, and will run through October 4th. Each week, participants will attend virtual trainings presented by experts from Citizens, who will cover topics related to creating a business strategy, implementing business operations and financial management tools, and how to communicate to reach your target market.

You can register for one or more of the following sessions here:

· Creating a business strategy

September 13th 3:00pm - 4:00pm

· Business operations

September 20th 3:00pm - 4:00pm

· Financial management

September 27th 3:00pm - 4:00pm

· Communicating your business

October 4th 3:00pm - 4:00pm

“These webinars will provide entrepreneurs with access to quality resources that will help them to start up and grow their own businesses,” said State Treasurer Deborah B. Goldberg. “By providing this kind of support from the beginning, we will help ensure greater opportunities for them, their local communities and the state’s economy overall.”

In November 2022, Treasurer Goldberg announced a newly designed Small Business Resource Toolkit website through SBI. The toolkit provides access to comprehensive resources and materials for small business owners and future businesspersons in Massachusetts.

Under the direction of Treasurer Goldberg, SBI was designed to provide a range of relevant, important information, often needed, when facing the enormous challenge of starting a small business for the first time. Typically, it is challenging to easily find the resources and advisors that can help lead to success. The website and webinars offer valuable educational materials on how to plan, maintain, and grow a successful small business.




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