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Internal Departments

Oversees the fiscal and administrative activities of the Treasury, including managing budget procedures, operating trusts and capital budgets.

Executive Staff
Provides constituent services and support for the Treasurer. The communications director, legislative director, policy advisors, and chief of staff support and assist in the execution of the administration’s goals.

Human Resources
Responsible for implementing standards of accountability, employment, and labor legal compliance within the treasury. View the Human Resources Fact Sheet


Information Technology  
Provides computer services and information technology support to the Treasury.

Internal Auditor
Independently evaluates the adequacy of the Treasury’s internal controls. Collaborates with the Office of the State Auditor to conduct Treasury audits.

Legal Department
Acts as in-house counsel to the Treasurer and all Treasury departments. Attorneys advise and consult department heads on a variety of legal issues, draft legal memoranda, appear in administrative hearings, and write policies.

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