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Public Records Requests

At the Massachusetts State Treasury, we are dedicated to the transparency of our work. We are committed to delivering on our mission through our core values of Integrity, Leadership, and Excellence. We continuously work to earn the public's confidence and trust by adhering to the highest ethical standards in every department and affiliated agency. We strive to create intelligent, innovative solutions to our business challenges, embracing new technology, and enriching our communities through educational and business partnerships.

Submit a Public Records Request

You can submit a public records request online, by mail, or in person:

Send a request online: Public Records Request Online Form

Make your request in person or by writing:

1 Ashburton Place

12th Floor

Boston, MA 02108

Our Records Access Officers


Please contact our Records Access Officer for public records:  Cassandra M. Chung

For media requests: Andrew S. Napolitano

Act to Improve Public Records of January 2017


On June 3, 2016, Governor Baker signed An Act to Improve Public Records into law. The updated Public Records Law took effect January 1, 2017. To learn more, see:

The complete text of the new law can be found here:

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