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Executive Director of Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission Honored by the Massachusetts Package Stores Association

In the photo from Left to right:    Ryan Maloney, President of MPSA; Ralph Sacramone, Executive Director of ABCC; and Robert Mellion, Executive Director of MPSA

The Massachusetts Package Stores Association (MPSA) recently honored Ralph Sacramone, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC) and longtime resident of Everett.

Sacramone was recognized by MPSA for his outstanding performance and commitment to industry excellence that has positively impacted the retail of alcohol beverages in Massachusetts.

"Congratulations to Executive Director Ralph Sacramone," said State Treasurer Deborah B. Goldberg, who oversees the ABCC. "His unique perspective and work ethic are truly an asset to our state's businesses, the people of Massachusetts, and our Treasury team. Ralph is so deserving of this recognition."

Throughout the pandemic and under the leadership of Sacramone, the ABCC has worked closely with the MPSA, the Massachusetts Municipal Lawyers Association, the Massachusetts Restaurant Association, the Massachusetts Wholesalers Association, and other industry trade organizations to support licensees.

“People comment all the time on how there is a disconnect or more accurately an adversarial relationship between regulatory agencies and the businesses they regulate. Mr. Sacramone’s approach throws that misguided concept right out the window,” said Ryan Maloney, President of MPSA. “Over the last two years during an unprecedented pandemic and a constantly shifting business landscape, Mr. Sacramone guidance created a bridge of stability to ensure the laws of the Commonwealth were followed while allowing business to flourish. Always accessible and quick with a helping hand, Mr. Sacramone showed true regulatory leadership. He is well befitting for the award bestowed on him by the Massachusetts Package Store Association.”

More so than ever before, the ABCC played an integral role as part of the Governor's COVID Enforcement and Intervention Team to ensure the economic vitality and public safety of every community throughout the state.

“The Commissioners and I truly appreciate Ralph’s dedication and efforts every day, but never more so than during the pandemic,” said Jean Lorizio, ABCC Commission Chair. “Ralph’s acting as liaison with industry members and the Governor’s COVID team made it possible for the Commission to help licensees when it mattered most. Ralph is an invaluable member of the ABCC team, and we are very proud to work alongside him.”

About the ABCC: The Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission is an agency under the Massachusetts State Treasury. Their overall objective is to provide uniform control over the sale, transportation, possession, purchasing, and manufacturing of alcoholic beverages in the state.



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