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Assistant Treasurer and Director of Massachusetts' Unclaimed Property Division Awarded NAUPA Presidential Distinguished Service Award

Yesterday, the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA), announced that Mark William Bracken, Massachusetts Assistant Treasurer and Director of its Unclaimed Property Division, was awarded the NAUPA Presidential Distinguished Service Award. Arkansas Auditor, Andrea Lea, presented Bracken with the award. Recipients of this award have demonstrated superior service and dedication to the association's mission and goals--based on time, effort, and willingness to contribute wherever needed. "Mark William Bracken is most deserving of this award," said State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg, "His outstanding commitment and hard work are truly invaluable to our organization and it is an honor to have Mark on our team." "Mark has been vital in guiding the MA Unclaimed Property Division and NAUPA through the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis," said Jeremy Dawson, Associate Director of NAST, "His generosity, good humor, and fearlessness in supporting and guiding his colleagues across the nation truly exemplifies the superior service and dedication of the award."

Under the leadership of Bracken, the UCP team has established a presence that is fully accessible to the public and is extremely effective, which has made them one of the leading unclaimed property divisions in the country. In the first five weeks of COVID19, UCP processed over 12,000 claims. With an efficient and customer-friendly claims system in place, over $5.5 million worth of claims were properly paid out during the pandemic. Bracken has worked for the Massachusetts State Treasurer's Office since 2011. He has been instrumental in the progression of the Unclaimed Property Division and being able to serve thousands of residents. He attended St. Anselm College and Suffolk University Law School where he received his JD. Bracken is the current National President of NAUPA.



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