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Hi there, I’m Deb Goldberg and I’m the Massachusetts State Treasurer and Receiver General. I encourage you to consider coming and working with us. We have most interesting office in state government. It isn’t anything like anyone would anticipate. We go from Unclaimed Property, the Alcoholic Beverages Commission, the Massachusetts State Lottery, Debt and Cash Management, all the way to the Office of Economic Empowerment. And we have fun, and we have fun because everyone loves to work here. I love my job and I want everyone from entry level all the way through to love theirs. We’re an office that supports people and we recognize you have a unique skill set that you can bring to working with us. It’s all about public service. At the end of the day, we all work for the people out there and it is the most gratifying career. So, consider please working with us and look at all the things we have to offer. Thank you.



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