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Video starts with title screen “The Treasury Experience."


Laura R (Defined Compensation Plans Unit):

My experience has been really positive. I think in particular. I’ve appreciated the fact that you know working at the state Government level tends to attract people who are really interested in service and giving back making the world better. So that’s me and that’s a lot of the people here.


Ryan M (Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission): I find it to be incredible experience in many ways, that I am doing things right now, I’m at the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission that I never anticipated ever having to do, experiences that I never expected I come across in my professional career. Working at the treasury as a whole is a great example of professionalism start to finish right through from entry level position all the way up through management.


Jim MacDonald: Hi I’m Jim MacDonald and I’m the First Deputy Treasurer of the Commonwealth. I am also the CEO at Mass School Building Authority. You know, about 44 years ago I started my career at Treasury. In fact, right here in our vault, I spent many of day coming and collecting the money and then going out and cashing checks. So that’s how I started as an entry level, so I invite you to take a look at our website, take a look at the opportunities we have here in Treasury and think about public service. I know you will not be disappointed. Thank you.


Video transitions to black screen with closing music.


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